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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long will it take for my condition to improve?
This is one of the most frequently asked question, and one of the most difficult to answer. The general rule is, the longer the illness has been in your body, the longer it takes to cure. Many factors contribute to faster healing, such as diet, lifestyle, sleep, age, job etc. 99% of our customers come after failing from the western medicine, as such 15 days of Alternative Medicine Therapies is not long.
Have patience, and don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to heal yourself by being impatient. Alternative Medicine Therapies try to eliminate the cause of disease, and not just the symptoms. Suppressing symptoms is easy, but it takes time to replace the old diseased cells with new healthy cells in our body.

2.  Are there any side effects?
There are no side effects as understood in context of western medicine. In fact Alternative Medicine Therapies are holistic in nature, meaning, they do not act, specifically at a particular target organ or part of body, but bring about improvement in the overall functioning of the body. It is normal to experience aggravation of existing symptoms of your illness, while undergoing natural, Alternative Medicine Therapies, which is actually due to the detoxification and healing effect, and will be temporary. Some therapists term it “Healing Crisis”. There could also be some tenderness at places of hard and strong massage or pressure, again, this being temporary.

3.  In one day can I take 2 therapy treatments?
Yes, but this can be answered, better after having known the patient’s condition. Sometimes 3-4 therapies per day could also be recommended. The more Chronic the condition, the more slow and gradual approach required.

4.  I feel feverish/nauseated/dizzy after my therapy, is it normal ?
As explained earlier, certain detoxification symptoms such as Fever, Nausea, and Giddy etc might be felt. This is normal. The symptoms will subside quickly. In fact it should be taken as a positive signal that the Alternative Medicine Therapies are working, and you will be well soon.

5.  I require regular dialysis, can I take therapy?
We do not provide any medical health facilities, as available in a hospital or clinic. We cannot provide, or recommend for such medical requirements as dialysis, blood transfusion etc. The patient will have to make his/her own arrangements. The type of Alternative Medicine Therapy, that can be undertaken, can only be explained after knowing the detailed condition of illness. In the case as mentioned above, a simple non-invasive Foot Reflexology, will cause no harm, and will be a complementary, relaxing technique, but expecting it to cure the non-functional kidneys is expecting TOO MUCH.

6.  What diseases do you treat?
We don’t Treat or Cure any diseases. Your own body will cure itself. We guide and make available, the optimum conditions, that body requires to start self healing, let organs work normally, to full capacity, balance the hormonal & nervous systems, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and so the diseases get cured.

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