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 “Colonic Enema ” or "Vasti Treatment as known in Ayurveda " usually refers to a decoction herbal liquid that is forced (by low pressure) into the rectum and colon, through anus, in order to induce bowel movement, or to wash/cleanse colon, or to re-populate colon with good bacteria, or to treat colon disease and colon related illness! Enema is an ancient remedy for all kinds of ailments, and especially for people suffering from serious injuries, constipation, poisoning, acute headache, flu, meningitis, parasites, measles, common cold, food poisoning.
The required Herbal Decoction is prepared after consultation and history taking of the patient.

The ancient Yogis of India practiced it 5,000-10,000 years ago, as a cleansing method called “Vasti”, though their method required a lot of training, as the Enema kits available today, were not present at that time. Enema as a remedy has survived test of time. The Ancient "ayurvedic Vasti", is a better option than modern day Colonic irrigation machines, because the former method is more active method, and the herbal decotion is prepared to suit the condition of the patient, while the latter is a passive colon cleaning with saline water. Used over a period of time, Colonic Irrigation can cause the colon muscles to loose its ability to contract properly and become loose and flaccid.

Cleanse the Colon of Poisons, Gas, and Accumulated Fecal Matter. The number of treatments required always varies with the individual and her/his prevailing condition. Often the waste is so hard and well loaded in the Colon that it may take a series of 3-10 Enemas to sufficiently soften and loosen this Accumulated Fecal Material. Some people may not have startling results for the first few treatments. That is why a series of at least three treatments is recommended as well as advisable. Colonic Enema are a key factor in the restoration of the body's natural balance or what we call good health. It is not something dirty, or to be shy of. See how well you feel after a few treatments.
In our experience, we found, 2 hours of Traditional Thai Massage, followed by Colonic Irrigation (done twice), gives much better results and feeling. A Herbal Steam Bath, to end it, gives a more complete detoxification.

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